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We, at Praesta provide top manager development both in Hungary and worldwide. In our work we combine our Hungarian expertise and experiences, as well as international know-how with our unique approach, aimed at achieving Leadership Excellence.

During the past nearly two decades we worked with more than 6,000 top managers of the biggest organisations of the world – such as Walt Disney, AXA, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Procter&Gamble, PWC, Shell, Vodafone, Raiffeisen, Bosch, Magyar Telekom, the Hungarian Post, the Budapest Power Plant, and Alcoa-Köfém. They have selected us, because we are excellent in what we are doing: providing support for top managers to be able to rise above top manager challenges and games, thus helping them unfold and bring to perfection Leadership Excellence.

Our experiences, standards, ethics, expertise and commitment to quality have made us authoritative experts in the field of top manager development. We know what is involved in leading an organisation, since our experts all used to be successful top managers, this being a basic requirement at Praesta.

Praesta’s worldwide international presence enables us to reach over continents and cultures. As a result we are just as able to implement global programmes as to meet local needs.
Through the more than 100 years of top manager experience in total of our Hungarian experts we offer a supporting, guiding co-operation also in Hungary that serves the successful progress of our Clients.


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Helping to unfold “Leadership Excellence” leading – via improving individual and group performance, and competence development – to the perfection of the operation of the organisation, the improvement of its performance, and the realisation of individual, group-level and organisational goals.

For us creating leadership excellence is a journey, during which the goal is the road itself, the continuous development and achieving harmony. This is the very road we were walking on as top managers, and this is the road that all our client-supporting activities are part of. This is the meaning of our professional life…

Szakértőink a főoldalon

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Our experts

We, the members of the Hungarian Praesta team all are experts who proved their skills as top managers for several years.
This experience and expertise form the base of our work at Praesta.

We know the situations that today’s top managers have to face, and due to our well-founded and widespread experiences we know how to provide support to our Clients.

Our international experiences ensure that we have a comprehensive overlook that enables us to meet the requirements the road to Leadership Excellence sets for us, and to be committed to assisting the development and evolution of our Clients based on their individual needs.

A PRAESTA minőség

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The Praesta quality

We believe that in top manager development the repositories of quality are the developing experts themselves: their authenticity, their personalities and professional competences.

Our authenticity is partly coming from our top manager experiences, and this is completed with our continuously improving developer’s skills obtained during the past years.

We are perpetually polishing our personalities and professional skills in the spirit of continuous developments and within the frames of our personal development plans. Within this in the area of executive coaching and manager development we consider the required competencies set by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) to be the reference. And as our goal we consider obtaining a higher level EMCC accreditation, serving as a feedback about our competence both for ourselves and for the market.

Our continuous development and assuring the quality involve our regular individual and group supervisions, as well as our international and Hungarian further training courses.

Our commitment to quality also involves that we are performing our activities as the members of EMCC and in line with its Professional and Ethical Codes, and within the frames of the Hungarian member organisation of EMCC we actively contribute to the familiarization and spreading of quality services.


International | Personalised | Dynamics | Expertise

The PRAESTA Story…

In 1995 Shell was looking for experts who had top manager experiences and were able to help through a global shift in  approach the top managers of the company. That is how the Praesta story began…

Since then nearly 20 years have passed and we have established a global expert network that enables us to come up to the requirements of the local culture, and also meet the challenges of the international environment. With our experts compulsorily having to manager experience we are able to provide support to top managers and their organisationsregardless of the country and their nationalities, just as we are able to support our Hungarian colleagues.

Praesta Hungary was founded in 2007 with the objective to implement the excellent support and activities characteristic of the group also in Hungary. At present, with our Hungarian expert group accounting for more than 100 years of top manager experience in total we provide customized, individual support – both in a personal and organisational area – for Hungarian senior businesspersons working in today’s dynamic business environment and facing challenges permanently.

The Leadership Excellence programme prepared by the Hungarian team is a special portfolio that is unique in the area of top manager development.


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Praesta’s services provide individual, customized solutions in all cases. Co-operation with us, therefore cannot be imagined in any other way than by continuous discussions, during which we understand your situation, your goals and prepare your own Praesta Leadership Excellence programme.

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