Leadership Excellence

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Leadership Excellence

Each leader has the potential to become his/her “better”, “more successful” self.

Leadership Excellence means being on the road towards what is better, more successful. This requires the leader to be committed to development and improvement and be aware of them.

He/she needs to know what should be changed and how the change is to be implemented and need to be going ahead on the road.

We understand the situation of top managers, the challenges they face. As Leadership Excellence experts we make our clients aware of the need for change, and accompany our clients in their own road in accordance with their needs and the needs presented by the relevant situation.

For me Leadership Excellence is the uncompromising commitment to value creation. It means a commitment that primarily arises from the leader’s personality. Such a leader is solution-oriented in every situation, is able to take decisions even under tough circumstances, to undertake his decisions and to consequently make them happen. He is also able to align different interests as well as short-term and log-term goals.
He is not afraid of changes, he understands the necessary direction of development and he shapes it.

Ferenc Kementzey
Deputy CEO, Head of Corporates, Markets and Investment Banking Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

I try at all times to “manage” my leadership development consciously. The feedback of my colleagues and external experts are important for determining the areas to develop, while in the area of implementation – apart from reading training, coaching and technical book – it is important to consciously seek and assess new situations that are unknown to me as regards my leadership experience.

Szabolcs Barótfi
Managing Director, Quintiles Magyarország Kft.

Humbleness and benevolence. These are the most important human qualities in my opinion, helping us in our everyday evolution.

If people – from who we are responsible – feel that, we are sure to reach our common goals.

Sándor Kónya
DS EMEA Business Unit Leader, A. Schulman

In my carrier so far I have gained experiences in the management team of two companies, but through examining EFQM applications, and through the on-site audits necessary for the evaluation I had the opportunity to get familiar with the leadership style of so much more companies. For me Leadership Excellence means the leadership expectations of a company operating in an excellent way on the basis of EFQM principles.

Csaba Pataki
McP/QMM, Robert Bosch Power Tool

For me Leadership Excellence has dual meaning: on the one hand leaders achieve high performance together with their teams, on the other hand leaders who primarily assist and develop their colleagues, providing them with energy, inspiration and opportunities on a daily/weekly level. As far as I am concerned, for the former I keep asking for feedback from our internal customers, in person and with questionnaires, about the performance of our team. On the other hand I try to send as much time as possible with my colleagues, so that it is not the results, the indicators that count, but the results be created through the people and an excellent team. What I need to do continuously is exactly to re-focus on this latter so that I have enough quality time for my colleagues

Levente Nagy
HR Manager, National Instruments Hungary