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Our experts

We, the members of the Hungarian Praesta team all are experts who proved their skills as top managers for several years.
This experience and expertise form the base of our work at Praesta.

We know the situations that today’s top managers have to face, and due to our well-founded and widespread experiences we know how to provide support to our Clients.

Our international experiences ensure that we have a comprehensive overlook that enables us to meet the requirements the road to Leadership Excellence sets for us, and to be committed to assisting the development and evolution of our Clients based on their individual needs.

Zoltán Ardai

The beauty of an executive‘s job lies in meeting diverse challenges day by day. They enjoy matching these challenges through continuous progress. I enjoy being a useful companion for them on their journey.

The skills a modern executive can have are almost numberless. If one can master the majority of these skills, they will possess all the tools and equipment they need. What they still have to add comes from inside. This is the difficult part. One of the hardest tasks is to turn off our own “filter” and see through the eyes of our environment, while preserving our system of values. Managing this, an executive will be able to provide their organisation with productivity, and themselves with a sense of success.


After graduating from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in electrical engineering, Zoltán spent altogether 15 years, first as sales director, then as deputy CEO, at an international company specialized in manufacturing, selling and installing, electrical equipment and complete solutions for distribution and automation of electricity, and building automation. Meanwhile he spent 2 years at the company’s local centre in France, working on operative marketing tasks. A French-Hungarian MBA course helped him to meet the challenges an executive has to face in economic, HR and other types of management.

As a senior executive he often accepted mentoring and sponsoring duties in the organisation. He participated as an assessor in the work of international assessment centres.

Sample of References

  • Raiffeisen International Bank Holding AG
  • Lear Corporation Hungary
  • Groupama Garancia Insurance
  • Sara Lee Hungary
  • Servier Hungária Kft.
  • National Instruments Hungary Kft.
  • Magyar Telekom Nyrt.
  • Procter & Gamble Kft.
  • Quintiles Magyarország Kft.
  • Robert Bosch Power Tool Kft.
  • GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals

Professional expertise

During his career as an executive Zoltán participated twice in coaching as client. These experiences convinced him that coaching is an effective method of improvement even for the most experienced executives. Also, through these he learned much about the coaching profession.

As an executive he especially focused on a personalized training of his co-workers, and he accepted the task of mentoring multiple times. His experiences abroad, working with an international team helped his later success in leading a several-year process of organisational culture change.

Education, qualifications

  • BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Budapest
  • Open University – Arts and Humanities, Nizza
  • MBA, Pécs-Lyon
  • Executive training, Budapest, Paris, Beijing
  • Executive Coach training, Concordia – Budapest
  • Praesta UK – London
  • Appreciative Coaching – Advanced Diploma
  • Team Coaching – Gestalt Coaching Center
  • EMCC accreditation – Senior Practitioner
  • International Accreditation Assessor, EMCC

Júlia Galántai

To accompany good leaders on their path to excellence; to create and shape a leadership team, to awaken them through trust to a genuine desire for action, then to release them as an erudite, self-sufficient, successful unit, this is what success means to me.

My goal is that as a result of development work done with me, the world should be enriched with as many self-aware people as possible; leaders who know themselves well, consistent in their work, purposeful, competent with regard to leadership skills, motivated and able to motivate others.


As regards qualifications: Júlia is an integrative coach, a system organiser and technical informatics engineer; an MBA economist, specialising in human resources, production- and quality management. Putting her theoretical knowledge in all these fields into practice, she has proven herself in various leadership roles.

Júlia worked for 16 years in a manufacturing environment for German- then American-owned multinational automotive industry companies, in the fields of IT, Change management and HR. During this time she coordinated a number of major changes in the fields of info communication, manufacturing technology and organisation development. She always worked in a team, typically in a leadership role; she managed international project groups, multifunctional innovation teams, and high-budget BPR projects. Employee development has always been a labour of love for her; as organiser, trainer or mentor she has personally contributed to the shaping and implementation of training, development and mentoring courses.

Stepping out of the inner world of multinationals, she spent two years studying management and communications, in order to return to the familiar corporate environment as a professional expert dealing with leadership development, to work authentically on the assertive human development of leaders in accordance with her true calling.

She takes on contractual commissions to support her corporate clients in achieving their short- and long-term goals, in developing their leadership skills, in resolving the difficulties associated with their position, in creating and maintaining internal equilibrium in their own lives.

Sample of References

  • Robert BOSCH Elektronika Kft.
  • ALCOA Shared Services Hungary Kft.
  • MVM Informatika Kft.
  • Sanmina-SCI Magyarország Kft.
  • Trane Hungaria Kft.
  • HP-Informatika Kft.
  • Cooper Vision CL Kft.
  • HR-Face Kft.
  • Johnson Controls 

Professional expertise

With more than 500 hours experience of personal executive coaching, with a few exceptions Júlia works mainly with the senior management of major companies and their team in coach, trainer and moderator roles. Since 2016 she has been vice-president of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in charge of operative matters for the Hungarian member organisation. In 2017 Júlia reached the Practitioner level of European Individual Accreditation (EIA).

Education, qualifications

  • Technical Informatics Engineer, SZIE, Győr
  • System Engineer, SZIE, Győr
  • MBA – HR Management, BME, Budapest
  • MBA – Quality Management, BME, Budapest
  • MBA – Production Management, BME, Budapest
  • Special BME recognition – dean’s nomination for Harsányi István prize for innovation (2014)
  • Special courses on management – RIT, US
  • Integrative Coach Training, EQA Practitioner, Grow, Budapest
  • EIA Practitioner Coach and Mentor, internationally
    recognised accreditation, EMCC
  • PCM (Process Communication Model) Coaching, Budapest
  • Action Learning Team Coach, Gestalt Academy, Budapest

Erika Albert

We are not born as leaders, we become leaders. For some the road is straightforward, for others necessary. For those, who transition to leader-ship from expert roles, the change can be particularly
challenging. It is this process of transitioning, where I help my clients embrace their new role, making
sure, that the joy they can find in the new position outweighs the losses of leaving the old function
behind. Finding their own, authentic leadership style and voice, is the first step towards becoming a successful leader and a successful person.

It is important that senior experts and middle managers receive the same attention as their senior colleagues. In many cases, they themselves are faced with considerable decision-making responsibility, although they do not necessarily have the required toolset or competences. Many feel that they do not have the right authority and that they are driving without a licence. By addressing these internal beliefs and developing selfawareness, I help them step into the arena with the selfesteem required to assert themselves (not at any cost…).

Career path

I graduated from Timisoara University of Technology in 2003, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I started my professional career at Siemens VDO (later Continental Automotive), where I spent 5 years as a development engineer and later as a team leader. In 2009 I moved to Buda-pest, and continued my career at Robert Bosch Kft. I have gained professional experience as a development engineer, senior development engineer, team- and group leader, laboratory manager and in various other expert roles. During my 12 years here, I experienced many aspects of the profession first handedly. I have discovered my love of coaching and mentoring in my leadership roles. When I realised, that most failure
experiences were caused by non-understanding, I became an advocate for self-awareness. Leaving the world of engineering, I am studying to become a psychologist, meanwhile enthusiastically
promoting the importance of keeping our psychological needs in sight, especially among the analytical professions.

Professional experience

I have gained over 500 hours of mentoring experience in my nearly 10 years of leadership practice. In the past years I have been working as a career coach in both the for-profit and the pro-bono sector. Since the beginning of 2022, I am the Development Director of EMCC Hungary. My main focus is self-awareness based mentor coaching. My credo: before knowing others, learn to know yourself.

Qualifications, studies

  • PPKE BTK, Psychology BA – ongoing
  • Medical engineering Eng., UPT Timișoara
  • Mechatronics Dipl. Eng., UPT Timișoara
  • Quality engineering MSC., UPT Timișoara
  • Leadership Development Program, Robert Bosch
  • Kft, Budapest
  • Leadership Focus Group, Robert Bosch Kft,
  • Budapest
  • Integrative coach training – Practitioner, GROW,
  • Budapest
  • Certified Process Communication Model trainer and
  • coach (PCM®)
  • EIA Senior Practitioner accreditation

Dr. Edit Bányai

A vezetői lét lényege a kapcsolódás; kapcsolódás a munkatársakhoz, partnerekhez és önmagukhoz. Abban támogatom a vezetőket, hogy minőségi kapcsolatot alakítsanak ki önmagukkal, csapatukkal, megértsék kapcsolataik jelentőségét, mozgatórugóit és megéljék jelentétük kapcsolatformáló, tudatosító erejét.


Több mint három évtizede a PTE KTK munkatársa vagyok, ahol oktatóként, mentorként, kutatóként, kisebb csapatok vezetőjeként dolgozom. Oktatott tárgyaim és kutatási területeim is kapcsolódnak a vezetés és szervezetfejlesztéshez. Egyetemi munkám mellett rendszeresen dolgozom üzleti partnerekkel, az utóbbi 8 évben business és szervezetfejlesztő team coachként támogatok egyéneket, csapatokat.

Sample of References

  • Nevis Security
  • InterContinental Budapest
  • Pécsi Tudományegyetem
  • PTE 3D Központ
  • HAUNI (KÖRBER) Hungária
  • Z Elektronika Kft.
  • LWP
  • Tolarence Kft.

Professional expertise

Évtizedek óta felnőtt emberek oktatásával és egyéni és csoportos fejlesztésével foglalkozom. 2014 óta dolgozom business coachként és trénerként, egyrészt a PTE Közgazdaságtudományi Karán, másrészt más üzleti megrendelőknek. Szívügyem a coaching és mentoring értékeinek elismertetése, és népszerűsítése. Szakmai vezetőként, tanácsadóként támogattam több egyetemi és vállalati mentorprogramot. Szakmai vezetője és oktatója vagyok az ország egyik elsőként akkreditált Business coach szakirányú továbbképzésének. EMCC tag vagyok és rendelkezem EMCC EIA Senior Practitioner akkreditációval.

Education, qualifications

  • Business coach – PTE KTK
  • Szervezetfejlesztő Transzformatív Team Coach – Ascon Consulting, Gestalt Coaching Center
  • Gestalt alapok a vezetői coachingban – Gestalt Coaching Center
  • Tréner – Tréning Tér Kft.
  • GPOP (Golden Profile of Personality) minősítő – Future System Consulting, ARK
  • Business és Executive Coach – Business Coach Kft.
  • Life coach – Pro Bona Kft.