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We, at Praesta provide top manager development both in Hungary and worldwide. In our work we combine our Hungarian expertise and experiences, as well as international know-how with our unique approach, aimed at achieving Leadership Excellence.

During the past nearly two decades we worked with more than 6,000 top managers of the biggest organisations of the world – such as Walt Disney, AXA, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Procter&Gamble, PWC, Shell, Vodafone, Raiffeisen, Bosch, Magyar Telekom, the Hungarian Post, the Budapest Power Plant, and Alcoa-Köfém. They have selected us, because we are excellent in what we are doing: providing support for top managers to be able to rise above top manager challenges and games, thus helping them unfold and bring to perfection Leadership Excellence.

Our experiences, standards, ethics, expertise and commitment to quality have made us authoritative experts in the field of top manager development. We know what is involved in leading an organisation, since our experts all used to be successful top managers, this being a basic requirement at Praesta.

Praesta’s worldwide international presence enables us to reach over continents and cultures. As a result we are just as able to implement global programmes as to meet local needs.
Through the more than 100 years of top manager experience in total of our Hungarian experts we offer a supporting, guiding co-operation also in Hungary that serves the successful progress of our Clients.