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Client testimonials

The coaching process could significantly broaden my toolkit of handling and successfully resolving conflicts as well as improving the co-operation inside the management team.
Analyzing examples taken from real life proved to be an excellent way for me to see conflicts from a different angle, in their complexity and to find the best, constructive way more effectively. All the way long, both the coach’s extensive management experience and how we were thinking problems and process over together was fascinating for me.

Ferenc Kementzey
Deputy CEO, Head of Corporates, Markets and Investment Banking Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

The Hungarian management of National Instruments asked Praesta to help in strategic planning. In the past we operated and developed exclusively along our global vision and strategic goals, but as our Hungarian organisation grew in size and in complexity, we considered it important to set common goals, relevant for the Debrecen location. Praesta made an excellent job in facilitation the talks not being very easy at the beginning (but getting more and more effortless later). With his help we created a strategic set of goals that did lead us during the three years, the goals became slogans and with the common direction we achieved what we had determined three years before. It is not at all a side-issue that during the strategic planning and regular follow-up the group of managers became a real team!

Levente Nagy 
HR Manager, National Instruments Hungary

In a continuously and rapidly developing business environment the biggest challenge is maybe when while being busy implementing short and medium term goals and performing daily tasks you have to take a deep breath and dream about something even bigger, what we could attain by perfectly performing our present activities. Praesta helped us not only in creating this vision (where will we be in 5 years time?), but also in planning the road there (strategy) and the daily activities in the first half (1-1.5 years) of the road. Professional moderation was essential for the outstandingly efficient work and for the excellent results – and these two are the main expectations when a company sacrifices from the time of top managers, heads of divisions.

Csaba Pataki
McP/QMM, Robert Bosch Power Tool

The coaching held by Zoltán Ardai was an important point in my professional career. I had several years of leadership experience behind me, and Zoltán amidst the significant changes of the industrial sector – acting as some kind of external observer – helped to launch and implement a significant change process in the leadership team. Having listened and understood the organisational dynamics he lead us to the solutions by proposing new viewpoints. From his widespread coaching tools he always selected the most appropriate considering the nature of the problem and the given situation, showing me an area of the theory and practice of management that had been unknown to me before. I believe that the greatest value of this process is that Zoltán – through his considerable management and coaching experiences – could see quickly and clearly the change points within the organisation and in a very natural way lead us to solutions that I could make organic parts of my practice, thus influencing the entire organisation.

Szabolcs Barótfi
Managing director, Quintiles Magyarország Kft.

There are things in life you think you will never try them. That is how I was with coaching a sailing. First experiences are always determinant.
Thanks to Judit Gáspár and the good wind on Lake Balaton I was not disappointed in either of them!Now, I regret that I have not started earlier either of them.

Sándor Kónya
DS EMEA Business Unit Leader, A. Schulman