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The Excellent Leader

In the centre of Praesta there is an excellent leader, You. Everything that happens to you, that inspires you, the presents a challenge for you, that maybe is a deadlock to you.

When we have several years of leadership experience behind us, it is well worth to stop and look back, so that we can understand what makes a leader excellent.

We believe that leadership excellence is not a status, but a process: a constant journey, permanent development, continuous advancing.

As leaders – in most of the cases – we go through the same path upon each new appointment (pioneering, participating, mastering). First, it is mainly the task that holds our attention, then at the end we mostly focus on organisational performance and personal promotion. Then comes a new challenge and we start over again the same path. In the meantime we are continuously changing, developing, experiencing things.

Leadership excellence is not, or not only hidden in the master-level knowledge about the given task. It hides rather in the ability to create external and internal harmony in operation. How we treat the individuals, the organisational values, how we control our resources, how much time we devote for developing ourselves, how we can balance our professional and private life, and how much we are able to celebrate success – these are the factors that together determine our leadership personality and footprint, the values we legate to the next generation of leaders.

We, at Praesta are here to accompany you for a part of the journey and to the best of our knowledge and experiences support you in continuously and unceasingly developing your excellence.

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