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The Praesta quality

We believe that in top manager development the repositories of quality are the developing experts themselves: their authenticity, their personalities and professional competences.

Our authenticity is partly coming from our top manager experiences, and this is completed with our continuously improving developer’s skills obtained during the past years.

We are perpetually polishing our personalities and professional skills in the spirit of continuous developments and within the frames of our personal development plans. Within this in the area of executive coaching and manager development we consider the required competencies set by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) to be the reference. And as our goal we consider obtaining a higher level EMCC accreditation, serving as a feedback about our competence both for ourselves and for the market.

Our continuous development and assuring the quality involve our regular individual and group supervisions, as well as our international and Hungarian further training courses.

Our commitment to quality also involves that we are performing our activities as the members of EMCC and in line with its Professional and Ethical Codes, and within the frames of the Hungarian member organisation of EMCC we actively contribute to the familiarization and spreading of quality services.